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The Most Popular Breeds of Dogs to Own In Mexico

Great Dane Puppies PlayingMexico is a country that has a wide variety of dog breeds. Some of the dog breeds are really expensive and can cost a buyer thousands of dollars. Mexicans really love their dogs. Dog breeds in Mexico range in all sizes from very small to very large. If you visit the country, you will see many dogs roaming the streets. There are a large majority of dogs in Mexico that are mixed breeds, commonly called mutts. Here are just a few of the most popular breeds of dogs you will find in Mexico, and in case you want to Google this information in Spanish just type “venta de gran danes en ciudad de mexico“.
* Mexican Hairless Dog or Xoloitzcuintli– This dog breed is considered sacred by Mexicans and stands as a symbol of Mexico. In fact, there is a popular soccer team which is named after this dog breed. Mexicans also believe this dog has natural healing properties. You will not see this expensive breed of dog roaming the streets because the price they sell for ranges from $1000 to $5000. These dogs have made useful hunting dogs for more than 3000 years. It is one of the rarest and most unique dog breeds in the whole world.
* The Mexican Pitbull or Chamuco– This is a medium sized dog with a short tail. Black and brown are their common colors. They are quite aggressive towards other dogs, but they love children and are really protective of their owners. This dog breed is sold at pet stores in Mexico city.
* Chihuahua– This breed is commonly called “The New Yorker” by Mexican and it is a very small dog breed. These dogs are bred for competitions and their coats can be tan, white, black and a few other colors. They are loved by their owners for their expressions.
* Techichi– This dog breed is a small, mute dog that has made its home in Mexico since the 9th century AD. It was a popular pet of the Toltec people. The Chihuahua has been derived from this breed of dog.
* Chinese Crested Dog– This dog breed’s origin is from Mexico, China and Great Britain. This is a hairless breed of dog. This breed is very intelligent and obedient. They can be found in almost any color or a combination of colors. Their lifespan can range up to fourteen years, but some have lived much longer. This is a small breed of dog. Other varieties of this dog breed include the Powderpuff and the Hairless. These dogs have been entered in competitions and also featured on a few movies. The Powderpuff has a soft and straight coat.
* Mexican Police Dogs, the Labrador– These are the dogs that live the tough life of fighting crime in Mexico. Many of them are recognized in formal ceremonies and are awarded medals for the hard work and intelligence. They serve the nation of Mexico by chasing drug traffickers and criminals. They are called K-9 dogs in Mexico.
* Mexican Street dogs– These dogs are mixed breed dogs that roam every city in Mexico. Some can be seen in landfills searching for food. Many of these dogs are placed in an adoption agencies when they are captured.

Other popular but exotic dogs are the Mountain Bernese puppies so just type “venta de bernes de la montaƱa en Bogota” to find more information about this wonderful breed.