Prostate Massage Therapy

Hot and Sexy GirlProstate massage is a practice done by men all over the world for various reasons, either medical or sexual. Most of them do not have a solid understanding of the process, either how to go about it or why to do it. It is paramount for these individuals to understand that the prostate gland may be damaged if the process is executed wrongly.

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This article serves to educate on the steps involved in the proper execution of the prostate massage therapy.

Step 1: Hygiene is critical to the general success of the entire exercise. The first step involves preparation of both the giver and receiver of the therapy to ensure they are both clean. It is important that the receiver is brought into being relaxed before the exercise starts because it is common for most men to be anxious when they are no longer in control.

Step 2: Make sure the giver of the prostate massage puts on latex gloves that do not easily tear. For example, you may find the therapist is a lady with long nails so during the process, the nails may tear through the gloves and end up hurting the receiver of the therapy. The gloves will not only protect the receiver’s anus and prostate gland but also ensure high standards of hygiene.

Step 3: It is important that the exercise is done in a conducive environment where both the therapist and recipient of the massage are both comfortable. The process is a rather intimate exercise and hence possible distractions may get both parties distracted and hence hinder them from enjoying the pleasure meant to be achieved from the process.

Step 4: Find suitable positions for both the giver and receiver.

Step 5: Kick off the process with a preliminary massage. This will help get the receiver relaxed especially if they are new to the exercise or their giver is someone new. Massage on the lower back is preferable for this. It is also advisable for the giver and receiver to maintain eye contact, to helps build trust and intimacy.

Step 6: This step comes after the recipient is aroused. The giver hence puts on the latex gloves and it is important for them to remember that the finger is not to be inserted into the anus with force. The anus is also rich with nerve endings that can be stimulated as well. The giver may hence start by patting the anus to get it ready for the penetration of the finger.

Step 7: The giver has to locate the prostate gland for the entire process to be effective. It usually is found about five centimeters from the opening of the anus. After the prostate has been located, the giver should not exert pressure on it immediately. They should be gentle on it. The gland usually has the feel of an oblong-shaped lump and stroking it gently will give varied sensations to the recipient.

Step 8: Success of the entire process is measured by ejaculation. By the end of the exercise, the recipient should ejaculate. If done correctly, the sensation achieved by the recipient should be enough to make the recipient ejaculate. Some people may also choose to masturbate while the giver milks the prostate to help achieve maximum pleasure.