Female Sexuality

How to Make Your Girl Cum? The Easy Way!

how to make her cum fast and easyThe female orgasm can be a real mystery to most men. Something like a code they are unable to crack. It is however, something really important and the one thing that will transfer your sexual relationship to a whole new level. Mutual satisfaction is after all, what makes a sexual encounter spicy and well-remembered. Helping your girl cum is not that difficult. It only requires some training and a few tricks, along with patience and persistence.

Become familiar with her body

Start by spreading your girl’s body on the bed and touching her everywhere. Women have multiple sensitive parts that can be easily aroused even with a simple touch. Becoming familiar with her body will enable you to get to know her needs better.

A lot of men don’t have some common knowledge about parts of the human anatomy, like the clit and the vagina. Let your girl show you what she likes, how she masturbates and where she likes to be touched. For example, there are girls who can get easily distracted if you start touching them on their nipples, breasts or butt during foreplay.

Go down on your lady

The most common advice we can give men wishing to make their girls cum is to go down on them. The use of the tongue can be vital in that stage as it is the perfect tool to stimulate her clitoris. Combined with some dirty talk along the way, going down on your girl will make your job easier afterward when the time for the penetration closes by.

Some women can only reach their climax via clitoris stimulation. If such is the case with your partner, then do not rush things. It is better to discuss with her the specific preferences and go for slow, regular movements.

During the whole process of going down on your partner, it is crucial that yo are persistent. Continue to lick and suck her clit slowly, and try to alternate between circle movements and up and down motions.

Add a finger or two

Fingering your girl’s upper wall with one or two fingers can add a lot to the final pleasure. Finding the right pace and synchronizing it with your oral movements can intensify her orgasm and make her lose her mind quickly. Adding a finger can help you hit her g-spot, that little area in your girl’s genital region that can send her to heavens quickly.

Fingering your girl with mastery can result in a squirting orgasm since you can control the place in her vagina that your fingers are reaching. Ideally, place two fingers inside her vagina and curl them slightly pointing upwards. Start moving your hand up and down, avoiding to bringing your fingers in and out as much as possible.

After some time, try to increase your rhythm and use your other hand to palm her pussy and rub against her clit. The combination of those two movements is a magic trick towards making your girl experience a huge orgasm. Some men try to use some lubrication to ease their fingers inside their women. That’s a good trick actually and should be considered particularly for those women who may have difficulty in reaching their orgasms.

Focus on her body and mind as a whole

When you try to make your girl to climax, it is vital that you play with her mind, as well. Women will normally appreciate some dirty talk during your foreplay, along with some mind stimulation. How can you achieve that? By persisting on kissing her on the lips, touching, sucking on her neck and nipples, rubbing your penis against her during the whole foreplay period.

It is also, a good idea to use the help of some sex toys if you are having trouble making her climax the natural way. For example, it is no shame to use a small vibrator on her clit, while continuing to touch and suck her down her body.

Bringing your woman to orgasm even before the intercourse will surely leave her satisfied and hungry for more. Fortunately, there are so many sensitive spots in a woman’s body that you can easily make her cum if you are persistent and a bit careful. After all, the man should be the one responsible for bringing his beloved one to orgasm in a healthy sexual relationship.

Top 3 Pussy Eating Techniques

how to lick pussyTo be honest, vaginas and vulvas are tough to navigate leave alone pinpointing the clitoris. A lot of guys struggle to give their better halves the best and intense orgasm during oral sex or famously known as pussy eating or cunnilingus. Who is to blame them? Of course, no one cause it is not like there has been a class about pussy eating. Cunnilingus is being accepted by the society and this has seen it become a ritual in every sexual encounter.

The problem is, most women often tend to lie in their ego and men don’t know what they are doing, making the whole thing a nightmare and something they would want to forget quickly. To begin with, you’ll need to understand whether your lady likes low-key pressing with flat tongue or turbo pressure on their clits. This article aims to make you never struggle again. The three techniques discussed below are effective when eating your girl out and will leave her yearning for more.

The Cha-cha Slide

As the name suggests, this pussy eating technique requires you to slide your tongue from left to right in a constant rhythm. This method is simple and you can use it on any girl. To do it right, open the pussy lips to locate the clit and gently lick it left to right and back with smooth, soft strokes using a flat tongue. Keeping the momentum and rhythm is crucial as you don’t want to start from zero each time you lift your tongue. You might need to practice as making harsh darting movements with the tongue can hurt the only nerve known to be a source of pleasure.

Ringa-Ringa Rossy/Circular Motion

This is a phenomenal technique that you can use on your woman to give her a searing orgasm that she has been desperately trying to experience. It can be ranked as the most basic and simple but it is the most fundamental pussy eating technique of all the three. A bit of foreplay is necessary in order to warm her up, before going down on a woman, take time—hover around her belly button to help her create a mental picture so as to initiate the feeling. Build enough tension as you approach the pubic hair and slowly move your tongue towards the rosy(clit).

Trace circular paths around the clit with your tongue. As always, ensure the movement is steady, slow and rhythmic. Ensure you begin with light pressure. You can do this by pretending your tongue is a feather. Do not speed unless she tells you to do so. When it starts getting tense, you can flick the hood of her clit just like you’re teasing it. Be gentle as you do not want to hurt the over six thousand nerve ending!
As you continue to eat her in the circular motion, you can flick your tongue and observe how she responds. If she gives you a green light that she’s enjoying it, do it a little more often but be careful not to overdo it. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like it, stick to the circular motion. After say eight minutes of pussy eating using this technique, insert two fingers in her vagina and stimulate her G-spot.

Point To Note: Allow her to move her body as the pleasure get intense but be sure to maintain the rhythm and keep the tongue’s pressure constant.

Long Up And Down Motion

This trick is perfect as it gives you access to every nerve ending but only when done right. This technique should be reserved and used when she nears orgasm as it is known to push women into the right ecstasy. Start at the top and sweep through the clit downward until you reach the labia. Without breaking contact, retrace the path to the top. Repeat this and she will cum in no time. Maintain the rhythm but this time add a little pressure. When you see her legs start quivering, you will know you are doing it right, and she is getting the maximum pleasure. Do not use a sharp tongue as this may hurt the clit ruining everything. Spread your tongue as much as possible.


When eating her pussy, act and behave like you want to. Combining this atmosphere with these three techniques will definitely make you a legacy. When she starts cumming, don’t stop unless she signals you. Practice makes perfect, however, if you get tired, it’s okay to switch things up.

3 Powerful Oral Sex Techniques to Apply on Her

Powerful Oral Sex TechniquesWomen are begging to be more satisfied in bed by their men and the one single way to get there is for them to have a better understanding of how to provide that pleasure on a regular basis. There are a few easily understandable steps that can be taken in order to provide an optimal orgasm for the lovely lady.

Slow and Intentional

It is crucially important to begin slowly and intentionally in the beginning. Start with a kiss on the lips, then on the neck and proceed from there with caution. It should take time while the person moves on down the body as the woman becomes more comfortable with her surroundings. It is important to go slow and move in gradually.

Then move down the center of the body, with the hands always touching, until you reach the lower body area. Clothing can be removed at this point, unless there is some type of resistance. It is also important to have occasional eye contact between the two of you.

Build Up Tension

When you allow for a long slow build up it helps to create positive sexual tension in an appealing way before anything sexual actually takes place. It is through slow and methodical movements that the female body will react and by the end of the ongoing interaction it will offer a more enhanced orgasm for the woman.

The female genitalia is somewhat sensitive, which means that even the gentlest motions will create a reaction. That is why you should listen to anything the female might be saying to you or any non-verbal signals she might be giving off. If she feels overwhelmed, she will show you that she is.

Start by leaning in and softly kissing the top of the area once or twice. Next, drag the tongue from the base of the clitoris up to the point nice and slow. Repeat this step several times before moving on. It would be helpful to spread out the area with both hands, one on either side for a better view.

Be confident that if you drag the tongue up and down and then back and forth it will be pleasing for her and you can continue on with your tongue. The most sensitive place is just under the tip and should be massaged with two fingers for about thirty second intervals for optimal results to be achieved.

Target More than One Area

Try inserting one finger inside of the vagina slowly and gently, then make a one hundred and eighty degree turn with the same finger. After that drag then finger back and forth in a linear pattern as it will stimulate her further. If you can tell that she feels comfortable, then try inserting a second finger and continue with the fluid motion.

Even though you are focused and working in one given area, remember that there are multiples senses to be teased and pleased and those will also heighten her experience. One example would be to reach up to her and run your fingers through her hair, allowing the scent of your cologne on your wrists to waft into her nose. The sense of smell can have a highly calming effect on the human body.

You could also try reaching up over her torso and starting just below her neck. There start to use your nails to gently scratch down the surface of her skin. Stay within the middle line of the torso and move slowly down her body to the panty line.

The most important aspect of oral sex is to engage the mind and the body equally. That is how to optimally achieve the best performance for her. Go slow and pay close attention to her words and her non – verbal signals as well.