Ejaculation by Command Review

Why Ejaculation by Command

Someone once said that the best things in life are those that you cannot buy with money. How does this relate to the topic of this article? Well, men who suffer from premature ejaculation know how much they would like to be able to last longer in bed, but in spite of all their efforts, prescribed medications and devices they just cannot make it. They suffer in silence, search the web for answers and think the condition will just go away on its own. They would give everything to last for more than twenty minutes and satisfy their partner. Treating premature ejaculation is not about money it is about mental and physical training,gaining confidence with women and learning about sex. Once you overcome your inner insecurities and wrong conceptions about sex and women you are on your way to success. It does no harm if you also train your PC muscles and other muscles responsible for ejaculation or if you change your diet and lifestyle-you might be pleasantly surprised the next time you have sex with your partner.  This e-book offers proven methods that any man can practice on his own or with a partner, without any professional help.  All you need to overcome your PE is one e-book and lots of patience and persistence, and also read a comprehensive and unbiased Ejaculation by Command review.

It Is All About Control

Men are naturally wired to ejaculate quickly, spreading semen for reproduction but this concept belongs to the past. In the more civilized world sex means much more than this. If you wish you could last longer then you must gain control over your primary impulse and instinctive urge to climax as soon as you begin the intercourse. The Ejaculation by Command e-book leads you through the process gradually teaching you how to recognize important mental and physical processes that you are not even aware of. There are several areas you must control while having sex:

>Your levels of arousal – only if you completely understand what happens in your body and mind when you are sexually aroused will you be able to take control over these processes. The author suggests that you stop when you are most aroused, slow down the speed of thrusting or change sexual positions. The point is to be aware of that moment before your ejaculation starts and just relax as much as possible.

>Your breathing – this sounds like a difficult thing to do, but according to many men it is possible to change your breathing from shallow, fast breaths when highly aroused to slow and deep breathing in order to relax the muscles responsible for ejaculation.

>Your anxiety and self-obsession – in most cases it is evident that men who suffer from PE are obsessed with the end goal of sex or in other word ejaculation is the centre of their attention during intercourse. In order to last longer they need to spend more time focusing on their partner, creating a great erotic atmosphere and enjoying kissing and sensitive touching.

Ejaculation by Command is a program that has so far worked well with most men that are brave enough to learn how to become great lovers. Are you ready for the challenge? If you are, then Command Review offers a more in depth review before you decide to jump on to the program.

Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave

A great number of men go to bed thinking about whether they will be able to last longer than five minutes or they will fail to satisfy their partner again. Premature ejaculation is a condition that happens to every male and yet the underlying causes are still vague. Experts mainly divide them into genetic and psychological factors but also talk of the combination of the two types.  While it is true that men are genetically wired to ejaculate too soon due to their biological role, it is also true that they can learn how to control this urge to climax in order to prolong the intercourse and enjoy more with their partner. If you are a man reading this, then you are probably looking for the best way to end your PE permanently. In most cases PE can be cured naturally by changing the way you approach sexual intercourse and women. You can control your brain and your body even when aroused by breathing properly, using different sexual positions and exercising. The good news is you do not have to see a doctor for your PE as most men managed to heal themselves by reading one exceptional e-book called Ejaculation Guru.

Ejaculation Guru – Your Secret Recipe

When you next time go to bed with your girlfriend you will be able to last for an hour. How does this sound to you? If you do not think it is possible, wait until you read Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave, a PE sufferer who offers men brilliant, simple techniques for making them last longer in bed. What is his method all about?

Visualization and neuro-linguistic programming – the author teaches you how to distract from too much stress, anxiety and guilt feelings and concentrate on the intercourse. He states that if you think positively of yourself your performance in bed improves.

Sexual techniques and positions for better sex – the author offers several sex positions that can prolong your intercourse and delay ejaculation. Men can learn how to help women orgasm before them or about various erogenous zones. One useful tip for all men is to change position when they feel like climaxing as this will also change the thrusting speed and you will get a break from too much stimulation.

Masturbate differently – most men learnt to masturbate and reach orgasm too fast so they do this during intercourse as well. The Ejaculation Guru changes your bad habits in that it teaches you how important it is to masturbate as long as you wish your sexual intercourse to last.

The e-book leads men through the process step by step teaching them how to gain control over their ejaculation. Although it takes some time for the first results to be seen, the techniques are really worth the effort. With Ejaculation Guru you will not only learn how to last longer in sex but you will also change your whole attitude towards it and feel more confident. Once you gain your confidence back your sexual performances will be successful again.

Ejaculation Treatment brings you a more in depth review on the Ejaculation Guru, so make sure you read more about the program to make sure it is what really fits your premature ejaculation problem.

Ejaculation Trainer Review

Premature ejaculation happens to every man at least once in a lifetime, no matter how rich, clever or old the man may be. Although men are said to think about sex at least ten times a day, when their fantasy finally becomes reality, some of them ejaculate in no more than one minute. Without a doubt, this leaves both partners unhappy and may result in divorce, infidelity or depression. There are basically two things you can do about premature ejaculation, apologize saying that is not going to happen again or decide you have had enough and start looking for ways to become a better lover. In your search for that superb treatment that will help you say goodbye to premature ejaculation, you will be offered drugs, herbs and exercises, hypnosis and devices all advertised to work 100%. What you choose is of the utmost importance because you do not want to spend months wasting your time only to realize you still ejaculate even before penetration or a few minutes after.

Become A Sex Machine

Easier said than done, right? Well, to change things for the better you need to believe first. Secondly, you need to make a difference in the way you think and breathe and finally you will have to improve your sexual techniques and learn more about foreplay. You do not need much money or anything spectacular to cure your premature ejaculation. All you need is a book that will guide you through the process step by step. The author of Ejaculation Trainer Program used to suffer from PE himself, could only last in bed for a few minutes while now not only his own performance in bed is excellent, but he has helped thousands of men last longer, have stronger erections and given them the ability to make love for more than two hours. The e-book we are talking about comes in two packages, the Basic Package and the Alpha Package each one divided into several sections  useful for all men.

The Basic Package

It consists of the Main Manual in PDF, Emergency tactics and offers Lifetime Membership. In the Main Manual the author teaches men how to control their breathing in order to control ejaculation as well as the importance of strengthening your PC muscles that are responsible for ejaculation. You can also learn about how to masturbate more efficiently in order to stay aroused without ejaculating. The Emergency tactics part is a secret little book that  offers 18 fantastic ways, the best techniques you have ever tried to cure your PE immediately.

The Alpha Package – Your Guide To Becoming Alpha Male

This part of the Ejaculation Trainer Program is divided into several chapters that teach men about various sex positions guaranteed to provide ultimate pleasure with a guide for couples and a secret weapon. What is more, it will make you confident about attracting and approaching women, while giving you tips about love making techniques and steps to give women the best orgasms.

It may take you a week or more of practice to last in bed for more than half an hour, then you will last for one or two hours being able to control your arousal and ejaculate on command. All you need is persistence, commitment and the Ejaculation Trainer.

Before purchasing, make sure you read a comprehensive Ejaculation Trainer review to make sure this program fits your necessities depending on the degree of your premature ejaculation.