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How to Make Your Girl Cum? The Easy Way!

how to make her cum fast and easyThe female orgasm can be a real mystery to most men. Something like a code they are unable to crack. It is however, something really important and the one thing that will transfer your sexual relationship to a whole new level. Mutual satisfaction is after all, what makes a sexual encounter spicy and well-remembered. Helping your girl cum is not that difficult. It only requires some training and a few tricks, along with patience and persistence.

Become familiar with her body

Start by spreading your girl’s body on the bed and touching her everywhere. Women have multiple sensitive parts that can be easily aroused even with a simple touch. Becoming familiar with her body will enable you to get to know her needs better.

A lot of men don’t have some common knowledge about parts of the human anatomy, like the clit and the vagina. Let your girl show you what she likes, how she masturbates and where she likes to be touched. For example, there are girls who can get easily distracted if you start touching them on their nipples, breasts or butt during foreplay.

Go down on your lady

The most common advice we can give men wishing to make their girls cum is to go down on them. The use of the tongue can be vital in that stage as it is the perfect tool to stimulate her clitoris. Combined with some dirty talk along the way, going down on your girl will make your job easier afterward when the time for the penetration closes by.

Some women can only reach their climax via clitoris stimulation. If such is the case with your partner, then do not rush things. It is better to discuss with her the specific preferences and go for slow, regular movements.

During the whole process of going down on your partner, it is crucial that yo are persistent. Continue to lick and suck her clit slowly, and try to alternate between circle movements and up and down motions.

Add a finger or two

Fingering your girl’s upper wall with one or two fingers can add a lot to the final pleasure. Finding the right pace and synchronizing it with your oral movements can intensify her orgasm and make her lose her mind quickly. Adding a finger can help you hit her g-spot, that little area in your girl’s genital region that can send her to heavens quickly.

Fingering your girl with mastery can result in a squirting orgasm since you can control the place in her vagina that your fingers are reaching. Ideally, place two fingers inside her vagina and curl them slightly pointing upwards. Start moving your hand up and down, avoiding to bringing your fingers in and out as much as possible.

After some time, try to increase your rhythm and use your other hand to palm her pussy and rub against her clit. The combination of those two movements is a magic trick towards making your girl experience a huge orgasm. Some men try to use some lubrication to ease their fingers inside their women. That’s a good trick actually and should be considered particularly for those women who may have difficulty in reaching their orgasms.

Focus on her body and mind as a whole

When you try to make your girl to climax, it is vital that you play with her mind, as well. Women will normally appreciate some dirty talk during your foreplay, along with some mind stimulation. How can you achieve that? By persisting on kissing her on the lips, touching, sucking on her neck and nipples, rubbing your penis against her during the whole foreplay period.

It is also, a good idea to use the help of some sex toys if you are having trouble making her climax the natural way. For example, it is no shame to use a small vibrator on her clit, while continuing to touch and suck her down her body.

Bringing your woman to orgasm even before the intercourse will surely leave her satisfied and hungry for more. Fortunately, there are so many sensitive spots in a woman’s body that you can easily make her cum if you are persistent and a bit careful. After all, the man should be the one responsible for bringing his beloved one to orgasm in a healthy sexual relationship.

Is Volume Pills the best available male enhancer product?

Volume PillsEvery man deserves to be in a healthy sexual relationship where he is the natural leader. Unfortunately, a variety of reasons can nowadays, deprive men of all ages of the delight of getting satisfied in the bedroom. This can affect not only themselves and their self-esteem but their partner’s pleasure, as well and gradually it can lead to serious disputes, even breakups.

Thankfully, there are some effective semen enhancement products nowadays, that can really make a big difference to your sexual life. Volume Pills is one of the most widely used and positively rated supplement in that field. Let us have a closer look at its unique properties.

An overview of Volume Pills

Volume Pills is an effective supplement in the field of semen enhancement products. Its unique combination of ingredients along with the various medical endorsements that surround its usage make it an ideal solution for every man who wishes to regain his sexual health.

The company behind the product’s release guarantees its efficacy and safety and a lot of users agree that this product is capable of helping men of all ages ejaculate more and produce larger quantities of semen.

Active ingredients of Volume Pills

Volume Pills consist of a combination of herbal and natural ingredients, all of which are popular for their ability to increase the amount of semen a man is capable of producing during a sexual encounter.

A prominent ingredient of Volume Pills is the Zinc Oxide which is included in various similar formulas due to its ability to help men experience harder erections. Solidin is another active ingredient that can help men experience better and more pleasurable orgasms.

Two other natural compounds that can escalate the levels of testosterone in a man’s body are the following: Ku Gua and Drilizen..

Ideal dosage for optimal results

Taking 1 to 2 pills everyday for at least two months will ensure that you experience the best of results. Users should ideally, receive the pills two to three hours prior to their sexual activity to give the supplement some time to act.

Most expected results

A lot of positive results will make their appearance after you start to receive Volume Pills on a daily basis. The most important among them is that you are gonna to experience a significant change to your mood and you’ll wish to have sex more frequently.

Your erections will become harder and longer, your semen volume will increase considerably and you are gonna to experience more intensifying orgasms, as well. Your long-lost male power in the bedroom will be regained and that will have a positive impact on your self-esteem. Therefore, you’ll experience some positive results in both your mental and physical health.

Cost of Volume Pills

Volume Pills can be found in many different retailers and online stores, including the product’s official site. When we consider price, it’s important to know that Volume Pills is quite an affordable product and the company offers clients a 60-day money ban guarantee.

Depending on the amount of this supplement you wish to purchase, the actual price will vary a lot. A one-month package can be found for about $40, while a full-year package will typically cost you around $350.

A brief comparison against similar products

Apart from Volume Pills, there are two other well-known supplements in the field of male enhancement: Semenax and Volutrex. Although they are all effective, they vary considerably in terms of their ingredients and the medical endorsements that surround them.

Both the Volume Pills and Semenax formulas consist of a high quantity of Zinc Oxide. Otherwise, there are no further similarities in terms of their ingredients. However, it’s true that every single ingredient that is contained in any of the 3 products has proven efficacy in helping men fight off fertility issues and regain their long-lost healthy sexual life.

Volume Pills have also, more medical records that prove their efficacy compared to the other two supplements.

If you find yourself suffering from some type of sexual problem or fertility issue, then you should not panic as you are not alone. The global market has made things pretty easy for you by offering a trustworthy solution in the name of Volume Pills.

Provided that you stick to this supplement for at least two months, you are going to experience a lot of positive results and see an overall improvement to your sexual health.

Top 3 Pussy Eating Techniques

how to lick pussyTo be honest, vaginas and vulvas are tough to navigate leave alone pinpointing the clitoris. A lot of guys struggle to give their better halves the best and intense orgasm during oral sex or famously known as pussy eating or cunnilingus. Who is to blame them? Of course, no one cause it is not like there has been a class about pussy eating. Cunnilingus is being accepted by the society and this has seen it become a ritual in every sexual encounter.

The problem is, most women often tend to lie in their ego and men don’t know what they are doing, making the whole thing a nightmare and something they would want to forget quickly. To begin with, you’ll need to understand whether your lady likes low-key pressing with flat tongue or turbo pressure on their clits. This article aims to make you never struggle again. The three techniques discussed below are effective when eating your girl out and will leave her yearning for more.

The Cha-cha Slide

As the name suggests, this pussy eating technique requires you to slide your tongue from left to right in a constant rhythm. This method is simple and you can use it on any girl. To do it right, open the pussy lips to locate the clit and gently lick it left to right and back with smooth, soft strokes using a flat tongue. Keeping the momentum and rhythm is crucial as you don’t want to start from zero each time you lift your tongue. You might need to practice as making harsh darting movements with the tongue can hurt the only nerve known to be a source of pleasure.

Ringa-Ringa Rossy/Circular Motion

This is a phenomenal technique that you can use on your woman to give her a searing orgasm that she has been desperately trying to experience. It can be ranked as the most basic and simple but it is the most fundamental pussy eating technique of all the three. A bit of foreplay is necessary in order to warm her up, before going down on a woman, take time—hover around her belly button to help her create a mental picture so as to initiate the feeling. Build enough tension as you approach the pubic hair and slowly move your tongue towards the rosy(clit).

Trace circular paths around the clit with your tongue. As always, ensure the movement is steady, slow and rhythmic. Ensure you begin with light pressure. You can do this by pretending your tongue is a feather. Do not speed unless she tells you to do so. When it starts getting tense, you can flick the hood of her clit just like you’re teasing it. Be gentle as you do not want to hurt the over six thousand nerve ending!
As you continue to eat her in the circular motion, you can flick your tongue and observe how she responds. If she gives you a green light that she’s enjoying it, do it a little more often but be careful not to overdo it. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like it, stick to the circular motion. After say eight minutes of pussy eating using this technique, insert two fingers in her vagina and stimulate her G-spot.

Point To Note: Allow her to move her body as the pleasure get intense but be sure to maintain the rhythm and keep the tongue’s pressure constant.

Long Up And Down Motion

This trick is perfect as it gives you access to every nerve ending but only when done right. This technique should be reserved and used when she nears orgasm as it is known to push women into the right ecstasy. Start at the top and sweep through the clit downward until you reach the labia. Without breaking contact, retrace the path to the top. Repeat this and she will cum in no time. Maintain the rhythm but this time add a little pressure. When you see her legs start quivering, you will know you are doing it right, and she is getting the maximum pleasure. Do not use a sharp tongue as this may hurt the clit ruining everything. Spread your tongue as much as possible.


When eating her pussy, act and behave like you want to. Combining this atmosphere with these three techniques will definitely make you a legacy. When she starts cumming, don’t stop unless she signals you. Practice makes perfect, however, if you get tired, it’s okay to switch things up.

Semenax – Your Optimal Climax

semenaxProblems with sexual function? Low sex drive? Difficulty maintaining an erection? Having issues with your partner due to low performance in sex? Worry no more! Semenax has your back! The proven and tested product in terms of efficacy and safety, the sperm boosting supplement to help you increase your sperm production and ejaculation intensity.

Semenax – Powerful Orgasms with Loads of Cum!

We understand the need to have not only enough but more volume of semen to fulfill yours and your partner’s sexual desire. Because for women, they experienced intense orgasms when their partner ejaculated and when their partner ejaculates more intense and higher volume of semen. They even added that because of this, they have an efficient orgasmic function and lifelong sexual satisfaction. We also know how big as an impact a satisfying sex could do to a relationship. Sex makes you happier. It will help to boost your mood. It will send signals to your brain and create a comforting feeling to relax and de-stress you and your partner and voila! You will be looking at each other and your relationship positively and blissfully. And that means you’ll be happier and more confident with yourself and with each other. And sex literally connects you two. By spicing up your love life, you increase the levels of passion for each other and puts spontaneity back in your relationship, making you both feel better about your commitment to each other. We are aware too that sex is very important in a relationship because it maintains a level of intimacy that both people need. The connection sex gives you strengthens the bond in your relationship not only physically but emotionally too. It’ll be a good way to remember and renew your feelings and love. Sex with your partner is an act of love. And the best way to strengthen your relationship is to actively engage in a loving activity. Semenax was carefully studied to bring the best and most effective result. With its advantageous yet organic components, it assures to provide harmless and successful results with these ingredients:

  1. Swedish flower – a male virility extract that helps to encourage optimal prostate function, which plays a vital role in the manufacturing of semen.
  2. L-arginine – known as a Youth Hormone that multiplies your speed and agility throughout intercourse. Its semi-essential amino acidity is widely known to measurably increase men’s reproductive health and performance.
  3. L-lysine – an essential amino acid that aids in masculinity by increasing sperm production and boosting natural testosterone especially if it is taken with Zinc.
  4. Epimedium sagittatum – well known as the “horny goat weed”. It is a great help in increasing the blood flow to the penis and increase levels of nitric oxide.
  5. Zinc Aspartate – an element that is effective to improve the quality and increased sperm concentration.
  6. Catuaba Bark – an aphrodisiac that contains an anti-depressant to improve overall mood. It will also boost your libido and intensify sexual endurance.
  7. Pumpkin Seed – lift overall prostate health and volumize semen production.
  8. Vitamin E – helps in thinning the blood mildly thus improving blood flow to boost sexual function.
  9. Sarsaparilla – a plant with diuretic and restorative properties and serves as a steroid and increases sexual appetite.
  10. Maca – an herb that helps to increase energy, stamina, endurance, and to eliminate infertility.
  11. Muira Puama – an aphrodisiac used to prevent sexual disorders and to increase interest in sexual activity.
  12. Hawthorne – an herbal supplement that aids to improve erectile function. It also increases blood circulation which results in better erections.
  13. Cranberry Extract – an aphrodisiac that gives enough supply of healthy nutrition.
  14. Avena Sativa Extract – it gives an overall sexual stimulating effect to an individual.
  15. Butea Superba – often used to intensify libido and stimulate fertility.

Now think about it. You have a product that contains all the best ingredients available on Earth that will boost your sexual performance by increasing your sexual drive and libido by improving your blood flow, prolonging orgasm, multiplying your semen production and intensity. That will not only make your partner happy and satisfied but it will also make you confident, masculine, stronger and stunning. Remember, just one product.

Coolest Volume Pills in the Market, That Actually Work!

Best cum volume pillsNowadays, we work super fast and ultra hard, so we are unable to find time to take care of our health. Our food habits and lack of physical exercise lead to a lot of health issues. Sometimes, we need to take some tablets to boost up our health. Many men look for an effective solution to increase the volume of their semen. After spending a lot of time in research, researchers suggested men to use volume pills.

Volume pills have numerous health benefits. The natural ingredients in the volume pills will increase the volume of semen and keep you relaxed. Once you are relaxed, you will observe a lot of changes in you. Volume pills are very effective and you need to select the best volume pills for you to be able to cum more. Here follow some details which you should know about volume pills.

Benefits of using volume pills

We may face some health issues with or without a reason. Likewise, some men face challenges in their sex life. Volume pills help them to address the issues and rectify the problems. Anyone can use volume pills to address the issues like weak orgasm intensity, poor ejaculation power, and low ejaculation volume. By using volume pills you can overcome these challenges and lead a happy life.

There are many volume pills readily available in the market but choosing the best one for you will be the catch. You can pick a volume pill from the following list:

Volume Pills

Volume pills is a best-selling semen supplement, which enhances the volume of semen and increases its performance. It will optimize your sexual health so you can have maximum sexual satisfaction. Volume pills support make libido and normalizes testosterone production. It improves the quality and production of semen. It also helps you to stay relaxed. It is made up of Dong Chong Xia Cao, Ku Gua, Vitamin C, and zinc. These ingredients have unique qualities and like technicians, they divide the responsibilities and fix all your issues as soon as possible.


Semenax consists of a lot of natural ingredients which play a vital role in improving your health. Zinc enhances semen production, Vitamin E boosts your hormonal health, Catuaba Bark keeps you energetic, L- Carnitine improves the production and quality of semen, and L- Arginine and Maca increase sexual desire, energy, and your potency.


Maxitin improves the sensations in various ways. It gives you instant and long-lasting results. It helps to increase the sperm count and semen quality. The manufacturer states that Maxitin is made up of special ingredients which will give you instant result.


Volume 500 promises five hundred percent increase in sperm count, better semen quality and longer orgasm. This supplement also helps you to increase your sexual stamina and taste, which will increase your confidence. It consists of zinc oxide, l-dopa, Protodioscin, Ganoderma lucidum and Apium graveolens.


Maxocum improves sperm fertility and motility. It boosts your libido and virility. It enhances the semen volume. It consists of kapikacchu extracts, Ashwagandha extract, Vidarikanda extract, and Shilajit powder. The pills are very organic so you can take them to enjoy your sex life.

Choose any one of the volume pills from the above list and improve your semen quality to enjoy your life to the fullest.

3 Tips to Last Longer in Bed for Men

Girl wants to be fucked for longLasting longer in bed is an essential thing that you should think about. If you have control over your orgasm, you can make sex to be more enjoyable for you and your partner. You will be able to evade the disappointments and also feeling inadequate. If you want to feel like a real man while in the bed and also be able to satisfy your girl, then below are some of the great tips that you should learn to make you last longer in bed.

Maintaining your mental focus

You should concentrate on all the pleasure that you’re offering your partner. Teach yourself to relax as well enjoy the fact that you’re romancing one another. Concentrate on each and every part of your woman’s body and also learn how to enjoy each part. By doing this, you won’t think about your own climax and pleasure. While focusing on things that you’re doing to yourself will usually lead to a faster or premature climax. You will be able to reduce your performance anxiety level drastically by utilizing this simple method, just focus on your partner.

Spend more time with your woman

Spending more time in the bedroom is a great tip. You should extend the foreplay to last longer for her and also ensure that she almost attains her orgasm through foreplay. Remember, the more aroused she gets, the better it is for you as her possibilities of having an orgasm before you are much higher. In addition, spending more of your time on her pleasures and her body provides you with the opportunity to calm down your body and also to relax. A lot of men perform their foreplay for about five minutes and then they dive into sex. This denies you time to gain control over the body which in turn makes you attain orgasm very fast.


Not being relaxed is one of the main reasons for premature ejaculation. Thus you should exercise deep breathing for the entire day. You can start by taking a seven second long, deep breath through the mouth, hold for some few seconds and finally breath out through the mouth for about ten seconds. You can try doing this for a minimum of five times for the whole day. Besides, while having sex, ensure that you breathe through the mouth as it will relax you more than using your nose.

Changing your sex positions

When you feel an orgasm coming or like you cannot hold it anymore, change your sex position. Doing this breaks your stimulation as well as gives your body a little break. Women love a courageous man who isn’t afraid change the positioning. She doesn’t need to know your specific reasoning behind it. Alter your positions and offer yourself a break from the stimulation which will help you extend the duration in bed to become a perfect lover for your woman.

However, you should missionary position because it will fully stimulate you, and in the long run, you will ejaculate within a short duration than you expected. Alternatively, it is advisable that you should try the woman-on-top sex position which slows down your ejaculatory system as it provides less stimulation.

Premature ejaculation is a common problem that plagues many men. This is an embarrassing problem that can be a big threat to your relationship. You can use these great tips to help you last longer during sex as well as drive your partner crazy with great pleasure.

3 Tricks to Increase Stamina in Bed

Girl not satisfied by her bf pe issuesWhen a guy boasts that he can do wild things in bed for hours, he’s probably lying. It is common knowledge and even backed up by scientific studies, that the majority of men can only sustain optimal sexual arousal for a couple of minutes. This is not surprising because for the most part, while women tend to savor the road to orgasm, men tend to opt for the fastest route possible.

While this is usually not problematic for most couples, it can add frustration for some, especially if there is an underlying issue on the male partner’s sexual health and arousal. There are several reasons why this can happen – fatigue and stress, low endurance, or worse, low testosterone levels or erectile dysfunction.

As long as there is no serious underlying medical condition that affects a man’s sexual arousal, the inadequate stamina in bed is actually very easy to address. And while there are many products on the market today promising to give men a boost of sexual enticement, you actually do not need any of those as long as you follow these natural steps to improve your love making stamina:

1. Eat and drink healthy.

I cannot stress enough how important healthy eating is in all aspects of our lives, including our sex life. Our energy comes from the food that we eat, and some unhealthy choices could really make us feel sluggish and unhealthy. A low-fat diet is ideal to improve your endurance in bed. This means that your daily intake should consist majorly of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. A little bit of carbohydrates from starchy foods such as brown rice and sweet potatoes can also be added.

Additionally, eating as much as 4 to 5 small meals each day rather than 2 or 3 large ones can help greatly with your digestion and nutrient absorption. Eating smaller meals frequently will help your body’s metabolism work faster and will keep you energized. Having fresh fruits and nuts for snacks is also a great way to keep you full for long without making you feel bloated.

Lastly, keep yourself well hydrated. Many people do not realize that their endurance is diminished possibly because of dehydration. Drinking tons of water will not only keep you hydrated but will also let you get rid of toxins in your body. As a result, it will keep you feeling refreshed and energized for long periods of time.

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2. Understand the importance of foreplay.

Men can usually get off without foreplay, and that is fine if your partner is okay with it. Most of the times, though, giving your female partner a sensually satisfying foreplay would also keep you on the edge for a considerable amount of time. Learning to control your body’s reaction while still giving your partner a sexy time can help you increase your sexual vitality.

3. Experiment.

Sometimes, the reduction in sexual energy can be a result of a monotonous routine. Unsurprisingly, men find a sort of methodical sexual encounter like a dreaded chore. To spice things up in the sheets, you can experiment with different places and positions, variations in speed, and even try toys for both you and your partner. Switching things up and going against the conventional experience can take your intimacy to a whole new level.

A man’s sexual stamina can be affected by a whole lot of factors. Keeping your body healthy, being adventurous enough, and understanding your partner’s needs are surefire ways to help improve not only your endurance in bed but also the quality of the intimate experience for you and your partner and become an Adonis Alpha man.

Prostate Massage Therapy

Hot and Sexy GirlProstate massage is a practice done by men all over the world for various reasons, either medical or sexual. Most of them do not have a solid understanding of the process, either how to go about it or why to do it. It is paramount for these individuals to understand that the prostate gland may be damaged if the process is executed wrongly.

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This article serves to educate on the steps involved in the proper execution of the prostate massage therapy.

Step 1: Hygiene is critical to the general success of the entire exercise. The first step involves preparation of both the giver and receiver of the therapy to ensure they are both clean. It is important that the receiver is brought into being relaxed before the exercise starts because it is common for most men to be anxious when they are no longer in control.

Step 2: Make sure the giver of the prostate massage puts on latex gloves that do not easily tear. For example, you may find the therapist is a lady with long nails so during the process, the nails may tear through the gloves and end up hurting the receiver of the therapy. The gloves will not only protect the receiver’s anus and prostate gland but also ensure high standards of hygiene.

Step 3: It is important that the exercise is done in a conducive environment where both the therapist and recipient of the massage are both comfortable. The process is a rather intimate exercise and hence possible distractions may get both parties distracted and hence hinder them from enjoying the pleasure meant to be achieved from the process.

Step 4: Find suitable positions for both the giver and receiver.

Step 5: Kick off the process with a preliminary massage. This will help get the receiver relaxed especially if they are new to the exercise or their giver is someone new. Massage on the lower back is preferable for this. It is also advisable for the giver and receiver to maintain eye contact, to helps build trust and intimacy.

Step 6: This step comes after the recipient is aroused. The giver hence puts on the latex gloves and it is important for them to remember that the finger is not to be inserted into the anus with force. The anus is also rich with nerve endings that can be stimulated as well. The giver may hence start by patting the anus to get it ready for the penetration of the finger.

Step 7: The giver has to locate the prostate gland for the entire process to be effective. It usually is found about five centimeters from the opening of the anus. After the prostate has been located, the giver should not exert pressure on it immediately. They should be gentle on it. The gland usually has the feel of an oblong-shaped lump and stroking it gently will give varied sensations to the recipient.

Step 8: Success of the entire process is measured by ejaculation. By the end of the exercise, the recipient should ejaculate. If done correctly, the sensation achieved by the recipient should be enough to make the recipient ejaculate. Some people may also choose to masturbate while the giver milks the prostate to help achieve maximum pleasure.

Understanding The Role Of Sexuality In Relationships

Hot Girl Taking Panties OffThe subject of sexuality has been misunderstood for quite a long time and has attracted a lot of attention recently. It does not only mean the act of sex but the energy of sex and the awareness of humans as sexual beings. It includes the following aspects of life.

– Physical
-Emotional and

Intimacy has built a close rapport, companionship among persons. Sexuality starts at infancy when toddlers play with their genitalia. Suppression of this most natural energy begins then itself by parents scolding the child.

Sexuality and Its Role In Relationships

In almost all relationships, sexuality is very essential. This is the central element of power that allows you to convey what you feel and your strong emotions through your sexual and erotic desires towards a person. It is a sexual emotion that you can feel towards the opposite sex or with the same sex. Whenever you think of sexuality, you will always refer to it as sex. What is the importance of this in a relationship? Check why and how KingCum considers sexuality one of the most important things in a relationship.

Sexuality and relationship go hand in hand with each other. Despite your age, whether you are a male or a female, and whatever insights you have about sex, sexuality is very essential to you as an individual who is in a relationship. It is one of the spices in life that make you satisfied with the relationship that you have with your partner.

It is imperative that you have a wider understanding of what sexuality can do to a relationship. Both you and your partner must agree with one another to avoid any tension on this aspect. Although sexuality is not a proof of love, it is one of the important things to have for a lasting and fruitful relationship. This is one ingredient that will make a relationship successful.

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When sexuality is lost in a personal relationship, your partnership is in danger. Both of you as a couple should know how to keep the fire of intimacy. You always have to play and have fun while giving each other pleasures. Do not stop and keep yourself from discovering each other’s desires. Keep on exploring on how you will be able to make your partner happy and satisfied sexually. You should always be ready to make adjustments and enjoy the experience of being intimate with one another.

Do not allow that passion between the two of you to be lost. Instead, keep on discovering on how to make your love for each other more intense, such as the powerful feeling of ejaculating more during sex. Do not allow to lose your sexual desires for each other because if it gets lost, your partner will find someone who can fulfill his or her needs and this will undoubtedly lead to the destruction of your partnership.

Sometimes it is through sex where couples can communicate well and exchange their feelings in the most effective manner. They can both feel what they want to say to each other during their intimacy period. So keep on nurturing each other intimately. We have to be glad and be happy with it and keep it always alive between you and your partner.

Just How Much Does Being “hung” Affect Happiness in Your Relationship?

Ingredients to Get Bigger!Okay, let’s just be honest, it is every woman’s dream to have a man who has loaded nether areas. Not only does it matter in relationships, but it also serves as a source of weird prestige when among your fellow peers. Since it’s a topic that has been ongoing for a long time, it is highly unlikely that people will stop talking about it. We know that having a relatively large penis is important in a relationship, but have we ever stopped to think about why?

Reasons Why Size Does Matter

1. Size and confidence

Over recent years, some studies have shown that size matters more to men than it does to women. To some degree, this theory holds true. Size and self-esteem go hand in hand among guys. Size plays a role when it comes satisfying a woman during sex. There is nothing that kills a man’s pride more than learning that he cannot fulfill his partner’s sexual needs. Gone are the days when men only really cared about their fulfillment. Nowadays a sexually happy wife or girlfriend is a source of pride amongst men. Therefore, as you can see, size directly affects confidence which is a major factor when it comes to happy relationships. Women prefer confident men and find them more sexually appealing.

2. It sets the tempo for the relationship

Love at first penis is a real thing, and I kid you not. First impressions play a vital role when it comes to relationships. It also holds true for first impressions during sexually encounters. Making your girlfriend gasp the moment she sees you naked for the first time will set the tempo for your relationship. It’ll mean that the girl won’t have to worry about being sexually unfulfilled and she’ll expect that she’ll have a satisfying love life.

3. Size plays a part in sexual prowess

Recent studies argue that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual prowess. It is partly true since what is important is how you use it, but size gives you a head start. By being “well endowed”, a guy can easily reach the places that matter, so to speak. It also enables the man to explore sexual positions that others who aren’t that big can’t. Even though every sexually active girl or guy has their preference, some ‘positions’ are more satisfying than others. In the long run, when both parties are sexually satisfied, the relationship runs smoothly.

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However, even as we talk about the importance of size, we have to consider the fact that there are two aspects of size. These are length and girth. Both are equally important, but they play different roles.

Also, even though those who are well hung, so they say, will always reign supreme, the issue of too large is there. These can be real nightmare for some women. They may make sex uncomfortable which may pose a real problem in the relationship. However, as it is said, one man’s (or woman’s in this case) meat is another man’s poison. What may present as too big for one girl may be what makes another girl yearns for. At the end of the day, size is subjective, and preference differs from person to person.